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    Touch Component

    Provides the entity with touch point events. Touch point events get dispatched to the closest (visible & Touch-enhanced) entity to the source of the event (if available).

    Note: If you do not add this component, touch events will not be triggered on the entity.

    Triggers all events described in TouchSystem and TouchState, these are:


    TouchOver [Data = {TouchPointEvent}]
    when a finger enters the entity
    TouchMove [Data = {TouchPointEvent}]
    when a finger is over the entity and moves
    TouchOut [Data = {TouchPointEvent}]
    when a finger leaves the entity
    TouchStart [Data = {TouchPointEvent}]
    when a finger is pressed on the entity
    TouchEnd [Data = {TouchPointEvent}]
    when a finger is raised over the entity
    TouchCancel [Data = {TouchPointEvent}]
    when a touch event has been disrupted in some way whilst over the entity

    Note: By default, touch events are treated as mouse events and are not triggered by this component. To change this behaviour (and enable multitouch) use Crafty.multitouch.


    Crafty.e('2D, Canvas, Color, Touch')
      .attr({x: 10, y: 10, w: 40, h: 40})
      .bind('TouchOver', function(TouchPoint){
        Crafty.log('A finger is over the entity', TouchPoint.identifier);
      .bind('TouchMove', function(TouchPoint) {
        Crafty.log('A finger moves over the entity at { x: ' + TouchPoint.realX + ', y: ' + TouchPoint.realY + ' } coordinates.');
      .bind('TouchOut', function(TouchPoint){
        Crafty.log('A finger is no longer over the entity', TouchPoint.identifier);


    var myEntity1 = Crafty.e('2D, Canvas, Color, Touch')
       .attr({x: 100, y: 100, w:200, h:200, z:1 })
       .bind('TouchStart',function(e){ alert('big black box was touched', e); }),
     myEntity2 = Crafty.e('2D, Canvas, Color, Touch')
       .attr({x: 40, y: 150, w:90, h:300, z:2 })
       .bind('TouchStart',function(e){ alert('big green box was touched', e); });