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    Mouse Component

    Provides the entity with mouse events. Mouse events get dispatched to the closest (visible & Mouse-enhanced) entity to the source of the event (if available).

    Note: If you do not add this component, mouse events will not be triggered on the entity.

    Triggers all events described in MouseSystem and MouseState, these are:


    MouseOver [Data = {MouseEvent}]
    when the mouse enters the entity
    MouseMove [Data = {MouseEvent}]
    when the mouse is over the entity and moves
    MouseOut [Data = {MouseEvent}]
    when the mouse leaves the entity
    MouseDown [Data = {MouseEvent}]
    when a mouse button is pressed on the entity
    MouseUp [Data = {MouseEvent}]
    when a mouse button is released on the entity
    Click [Data = {MouseEvent}]
    when the user clicks on the entity
    DoubleClick [Data = {MouseEvent}]
    when the user double clicks on the entity

    Note: If you're targeting mobile, you should know that by default Crafty turns touch events into mouse events, making mouse dependent components work with touch. However, if you need multitouch, you'll have to make use of the Touch component instead, which can break compatibility with things which directly interact with the Mouse component.


    var myEntity = Crafty.e('2D, Canvas, Color, Mouse')
    .attr({x: 10, y: 10, w: 40, h: 40})
    .bind('Click', function(MouseEvent){
      alert('clicked', MouseEvent);
    myEntity.bind('MouseUp', function(e) {
       if( e.mouseButton == Crafty.mouseButtons.RIGHT )
           Crafty.log("Clicked right button");